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Bulb, Indicator
Bulb, Indicator
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What is a Bulb-indicator?

Also referred to as an indicator bulb it is used in just about every car on the road in the world. Your car’s indicator lights are an essential part of driving a vehicle. It allows the driver to indicate if they are changing lanes, turning or are having car problems. When the indicator lights fail the culprit in most cases is the Bulb-indicator. Thankfully replacing the indicator bulb is neither difficult nor is it expensive. Plus, you don’t have to visit a professional to change the bulb. That said if replacing the bulb does not fix the lights then you should visit a mechanic who will inspect the electrical system for shorts or burnt fuses.

How to change the bulb?

Changing the indicator bulb is considered standard maintenance similar to changing the oil. The good news is that in most cars it's not difficult. The user manual will outline exactly how the bulb should be changed. However, generally speaking, it entails taking out the indicator housing, undoing the screws to remove the bulb and then replace it with the new bulb. Then all you need to do is perform all the steps in reverse. That said the one thing that you need to keep in mind when replacing the Bulb-indicator is to always do so with an exact replacement, i.e., in terms of wattage, size, etc. You’ll also want to change the bulb on both the left and right sides for uniform brightness.

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