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Brake Power Regulators Reduce Rear Wheel Brake Pressure

The braking performance of your car varies simply because of the load you are carrying. This is the very reason a brake power regulator is fitted to a vehicle, so as to distribute the braking force to the front and rear wheels. If a brake power regulator fails, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Distribution of Braking Force

Brake systems are very important in a car, and within the brake system is the brake power regular or brake pressure regulator. Its job is to reduce the brake pressure at the rear wheels. There are different kinds of brake power regulators in use, such as load-dependent braking power regulator and braking force limiters. These only allow a certain amount of brake pressure to be exerted on the rear wheels. Load dependent brake power regulators are used in cars where weight distribution varies according to the load, and these control the brake pressure exerted on the rear wheels. Brake power regulators, from leading brands such as Bosch and ATE, are car parts which you can find at very affordable prices online at Furthermore, brake power regulators are more readily available at a webshop like this, than at your regular car spares store. With an ingenious search form, using your car's VIN number, you'll get car parts by different manufacturers and models at such affordable prices.