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Good brake pads – essential for safety

Never underestimate the importance of fitting new brake pads on your vehicle, as many accidents on today’s roads are caused as a direct result of an overlooked, worn or ineffective brake pad. Ensuring the optimal performance of your car’s brakes is not only comparatively cheap when compared to an accident, but may also save the life of you and your family. So be sure to treat this aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance with the utmost urgency.

The right brake pads for your driving style

Most car models recommend the use of a particular type of brake pad, but this does not necessarily mean you may not experiment with different materials to find a match for your unique driving style. A simple upgrade can help find a perfect balance between pedal effort and brake force, ensuring your pads brake effectively and allowing for a driving experience that is smooth, reliable and safe.

Brake pads – disc brake versus drum brake

It is widely accepted that a disc brake system offers better control and overall braking performance than its drum brake counterpart. With a brake disc, stopping performance is better, brake fade is resisted, and recovery from moisture is faster, assuming that well maintained brake discs and a properly functional system is installed. Many additional advantages are also available, such as a servo assistance function, which translates to lessened pedal effort being required from the driver. Regardless of which brake system you use, be sure that essentials such as brake fluid are topped up regularly.