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Friction Material Used in Brake Lining Shoe

Brakes use friction in order to transmit force to the wheels of a vehicle to slow it down or make it stop. The braking system is made up of brake lining shoe parts - brake lining bonded to a metal backing. The brake shoe lining must cope with high temperatures. Asbestos-containing brake linings were previously found in passenger cars, but manufacturers have had to find acceptable brake lining shoe materials which have good heat management characteristics. Today, a non-asbestos organic, semi-metallic and ceramic brake lining shoe is used.

Brake Shoe Lining Easy to Service

Brake linings, the consumable surfaces in brake systems, scrape against the brake disc when the brake lining shoes need replacing. Brake pads need to be replaced simultaneously, as the different lining thicknesses will cause uneven braking. Fortunately, brake lining shoes are consumable and are easy to service. A brake lining shoe needs replacing if screeching sounds are heard when you apply the brakes. When the brake is engaged, the shoe is pressed against a metal disc of the wheel to stop it. To find affordable and quality brake shoe linings from top brands such as Textar and Beral, try With a clever search form, which displays car parts like brake shoe linings by manufacturer and type, and a quick delivery service, your car need not ever be off the road.