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Brake light switches keep vehicle safe

Every switch in vehicles, trucks, and motor bikes should be checked with regular consistency. These switches are connected to the brake pedal to ensure those vehicles driving behind you are aware that you are braking. When you press brake pedals in a vehicle, these engage the brake switch which in turn should switch brake lights on at the tail of the vehicle. Many motor vehicle accidents are caused by vehicles having faulty brake lights and the vehicle behind crashing straight into them.

Brake light switch replacement should be done regularly

In earlier vehicle models, hydro-mechanical controls and switches were used whereas now, most transmission control units are electronically operated via the vehicle’s on-board computer and a variety of sensors. Many issues that are common to modern vehicles can be picked up on the clip that the mechanic plugs into the car’s computer. This clip will tell if there is a problem with the brake lights staying on. All the components and parts linked to the braking in a vehicle should be constantly maintained to ensure they are in top working condition.

Brake light switch maintenance

Replacing old brake lights with new brake lights is one way of solving the problem but if the brake light switch is the problem this will need to be replaced by a qualified mechanic. In most modern vehicles, a check engine light will appear if the brake switches or the bulbs are faulty. The stop light switch is an added safety feature in all vehicles and trucks and ensures the safety of the driver and passengers when out on the open road.