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Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid
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Brake fluid is one of the most important additives

Being a critical part of vehicle safety and directly linked to the brakes on the vehicle, brake fluids regulate how well the brakes work on a vehicle. This hydraulic fluid, be it DOT 3, DOT 4 or Dot 5.1, is used in hydraulic brake and clutch applications, and allows pressure to be exerted on the brake pads via the depressing of the brake pedal, which in turn allows the vehicle to stop. Check brakes, brake pads, and fluid levels often to ensure correct braking in a vehicle. Checking these components such as brake pads is imperative for the safety of the vehicle. Depressing the brake pedal should evoke an immediate response from the brake calipers and brake pads, allowing you to experience a fluid brake response.

Brake fluid is a vital component

Most brake fluids are made up of a glycol-ether base, but mineral oil and silicone based ones are also used. Brakes can get very hot, sometimes close to boiling point and should be well cared for at all times. Brake lines should be regularly checked for signs of corrosion, wear and tear. Vehicles rely solely on an efficient braking system to keep them out of danger and this is why keeping tabs on the fluid levels and brake fluids is imperative to ensure your brakes brake properly.

Brake fluid will save your life

It is important to bleed the brakes properly and remove all the old hydraulic fluids when refurbishing the brakes, making sure that these are replaced with new fluids and that there is no air bubbles in the lines. Proper braking is one of road safety’s first lessons and checking the effectiveness of your brakes and brake pads is essential.