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PRO, Brake Disc
PRO, Brake Disc
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Brake discs – essential for safety

One of the most important safety features in your vehicle is this braking system which is made up of components such as the brake disc and brake pads. The brake disc allows the brake pad to apply pressure, bringing the vehicle to a stop. There are many different types of brake discs such as solid discs or perforated discs. Solid brake discs are more common, while perforated discs, also called ventilated discs, allow for quicker cooling and can often be found in high-performance vehicles. Correctly fitted discs and brake pads on a front and rear brake are necessary to allow the driver to achieve the safest stopping distance.

Technical advancements in the industry

The inclusion of premium brake discs and brake pads has resulted from a natural progression in the safety development of vehicles. Fitting an inferior make of brake pad and disc can lead to increased chances of an accident. Therefore it is important to ensure your discs and pads brake effectively. Technology is highly advanced when it comes to the manufacture of brake discs, and this allows each and every driver on the road maximum braking ability.

Ensure the safest possible drive

Brake discs are now an industry standard among vehicle manufacturers and normal processes are followed in workshops to change these disc pads at the required intervals. If superior stopping power, improved safety and fewer accidents are important to you, then brake discs, as a standard component in your vehicle, are the only safe option.