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Brake calipers are important

Every vehicle requires calipers within the braking system, and these are arguably the most important parts of this entire system. The caliper exerts pressure on the brake pads, which in turn exert pressure on the brake discs in order bring the vehicle to a stop. Prior to reaching the calipers, the brake pedal needs to be depressed, which in turn creates a force through master cylinders, down brake lines, to the brakes, allowing for premium stopping power. Both the rear brake and the front disc brakes require calipers to assist with the stopping of the vehicle when driving.

Make sure you fit quality brake calipers

Brake discs require calipers and brake pads to allow them to function properly. Many accidents that are reported have involved vehicles that have had faulty or inferior brake calipers and brake discs. Insist on only quality replacement parts when your vehicle is in for a service, and make sure you have your brake fluid levels checked, as this will greatly improve the safety of your vehicle.

More on brake calipers

Older cars and trucks use brake drums, and when the calipers close the brake pads on the drums this slows the vehicle down. Discs are the most modern form of braking in vehicles and they allow for the shortest stopping distance, without skidding, on all surfaces. Modern calipers open and close at high rates of speed to stop wheels skidding on the road and thus reduce the chance of accidents happening.