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Why is a Brake-Caliper-Mounting so important?  

All cars need to have the ability to slow down and brake. A brake shoe works in conjunction with a mounting which is mounted on the wheel. Each time the brake pedal is pressed the mounting is squeezed like a pair of tweezers, which in turn exerts pressure on the wheel causing it to stop. Most Brake-Caliper-Mounting are powered by hydraulics which makes it possible for the driver to stop or slow down the car by exerting very little force compared to what is needed to stop the wheels. That said over time the mountings can wear out and at times even break, and it is then that they need to be replaced. Not replacing it on time can cause safety issues because the brakes are unreliable.

When should the brakes be replaced?  

Do you feel as though it's difficult to stop the car? Does exerting force on the brake pedal cause it to barely slow down? Does the pedal feel soft? Do you hear squeaking sounds when the wheels are rotating? If your answer to all of these questions is ‘yes,' then your Brake-Caliper-Mounting could be causing problems. However, all of these symptoms do not necessarily indicate a problem with the mounting. So, it’s always a good idea to get it inspected by a professional who will determine if in fact the mounting needs to be replaced.  

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