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Automatic Transmission Brake Bands in Cars

An automatic transmission brake band consists of a flexible steel plate that is lined with friction material that is either semi-metallic or organic. The lining of the brake band absorbs the transmission fluid to aid in heat dissipation. As the automatic transmission brake band tightens around the drum, the fluid is squeezed out into grooves cut into the band’s surface. The band brings the drum to a stop and holds it there. The drums that the bands wrap around can have both a smooth or dimpled surface.

When to Replace the Automatic Transmission Brake Band

When the transmission begins to slip in an automatic car, it is a clear indicator that the automatic transmission brake band needs to be replaced. Automatic cars rely heavily on the continual operation of the brake band and once slipping begins to occur in the vehicle, it is probably time to fit a new brake band. The fitment of this component needs to be done by a qualified mechanic as it is quite a complicated job that requires the removal of the transmission. This is not a job that should be attempted at home unless you have a car workshop and the technical knowhow.

Purchasing the Automatic Transmission Brake Band Online

Once you have established that the brake band component in your car needs replacing, go online and find a suitable new component. By inputting the make, model and engine size of the vehicle you will be able to select the correct automatic transmission brake band for your vehicle and have it delivered directly to the fitment centre of your choice. The online purchase option is definitely a lot easier than driving long distances to try and find a spares shop.