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Buy Bonnet/ Parts/ Silencing Material

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What do Bonnet Parts include?


The bonnet parts include the bonnet cover, hinges, silencing material, etc. The hood keeps the engine covered, and the layer of material covering the bonnet helps to dampen the engine’s sound. However, over time the dampening material can wear off and will need to be replaced. The same goes for the bonnet cover which can often become dented, rusty or may just need to be replaced for other reasons. Either way replacing these parts is a little expensive and time-consuming. Most mechanics can handle the replacement process, but it can also be done by a knowledgeable DIY person with the right tools.


How to buy the right parts


The rule of thumb when purchasing bonnet parts is only to buy ones that have the same part number as your vehicle. Most car user manuals will have a list of part numbers. However, a mechanic should also be able to provide you with a part number. Some bonnets have the part number etched on them. Since the shape and size of vehicle hoods vary buying the same one for your car is important. The same goes for silencing material though the material can be cut to suit the shape of your bonnet by a mechanic.


Save money when buying online


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