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Bearing, Connecting Rod
Bearing, Connecting Rod
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Car Big End Bearing – Crankshaft Connecting Rod Assembly

The crankshaft connecting rod has two ends, one which is known as the big end and is likewise the home of what are known as car big end bearings. A DIY mechanic will be familiar with car big end bearings, and know that they are essential when assembling a crankshaft connecting rod. The mechanic will also know that it is essential to get the right size big end bearing, and also that the part should be well maintained, since failure in this part of the crankshaft can be devastating to the vehicle.

Maintaining Car Big End Bearings

The car big end bearing is not a part often associated with breaking unexpectedly, since it is built to be sturdy and have a long lifespan. It is, however, still important to ensure the car big end bearing is given regular maintenance and checked for imperfections, since the part plays an extremely important role and cannot be allowed to wear or become faulty. When servicing your vehicle be sure that the car big end bearing gets the attention it needs.

Car Big End Bearings - Replacing Versus Maintaining

In the case of car big end bearings needing attention, repair and reconditioning will often be the first choice, since replacing the part entirely is a time-consuming and often difficult task, and certainly not something to be attempted by a casual vehicle owner. Hence, it is a far more common choice to simply maintain the car big end bearing and get the most out of its already long life. In the case of replacement being required, such as after an accident or as a result of unexpected damage, be sure to get the correct size and model to fit your vehicle. Ask your mechanic for more information.