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The importance of a battery holder

Each and every vehicle should be equipped with a battery holder and the reason for this is twofold. Firstly, for safety. If the battery in your car is not properly secured, the battery moves around when the car goes over bumps and can become dislodged. This is very dangerous when driving and can cause the battery to short circuit against other components in the vehicle and cause a fire. The second reason is security. If the battery is not secured by a holder and moves around, it can loosen the battery terminals which will then not allow the battery to charge or start.

Who fits a battery holder?

All vehicles come standard with a battery holder and a battery base plate when they are manufactured, but as these vehicles get older this holder often gets lost or is not replaced after repairs. As mentioned in the above, the battery holder is imperative to keep the battery in place and saves it from being damaged during bumpy rides. The holder is usually made up of two metal arms that feed through a cross-plate that clips over the top of the battery. Tightening the nuts that are at the ends of the arms on the battery holder will ensure that it is properly secured.

Buying a battery holder

Purchasing a battery holder is as easy as finding the holder most suited to your vehicle. It will also not break the bank as these components are inexpensive. Check your battery holder regularly for signs of wear and tear and the onset of rust or corrosion. If any of these signs are evident, simply replace the old one with a new one.