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About Brink group and Brink towbar parts

One of the most trusted names in the trailer hitches industry is Brink. This Amsterdam Company has been offering quality and reliable towbar and its parts that suit a wide range of vehicles for the past 100 years. It is at the forefront of towbar designs and engineering. The Brink towbar parts are offered to suit a wide range of vehicles. The purchase of towbar is a complex process, but when you are buying ones made by Brink, you can buy them with your eyes closed. They are made with quality, precision, and offer great functionality.

Different types of Brink towbar parts

The Brink towbar parts are offered in three types: fixed, retractable and detachable. You can choose the type of towbar depending on your need and requirements. Fixed towbar - The cheapest type of towbar part is the fixed towbars. It comes with welded or bolted tow ball neck and suits all kinds of auto brands. It is mounted permanently on the vehicle and offers easy, quick and precise mounting performance. Retractable towbars - If you are looking for towbars that offer great design value, ease of use and can be used regularly, then retractable towbar is a good option. It is invisible and also can be retractable so that it does not hinder you when doing other things on your car. It can be activated by pressing a lever under the car. It offers maximum pull weight. Detachable towbar – These are towbars that can be fitted to the car when you need to pull some heavy things or move your caravan or trailer to a picnic location. The ball of this towbar can be detached from the socket when not in use. The socket can be folded behind the bumper. It is maintenance free and the ball can be fit for its position within seconds.

Buying Brink towbar parts

It is very important that you buy Brink towbar parts that meet your needs and wants. You need to always keep the combined weight of the trailer and the things you want to carry in it in mind when choosing the towbar. The design, appearance, style, ease of use, etc., must all be considered and kept in mind whenever you go out shopping for the towbar parts. Buying them from online stores like is a wise option to buy them at the lowest prices.