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Buy BOSCH Disc Brake

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Brake Disc
Brake Disc
BD1487, E1 90 R - 02C0074/0050
0 986 479 643
Fitting position:  Front Axle
Art.No.:  10675305

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Why buy a BOSCH Disc-Brake?

All modern cars equipped with disc brakes. There are two types of brakes i.e. disc brakes and ABS. The latter is actually a slightly better version of traditional disc brakes which prevents slipping when breaking during wet conditions. Over a period of time the disc brakes can wear off, some may even be damaged by accident and will warrant a replacement. That said since it's one of the most important part of your vehicle's safety system the brakes need to be reliable which is why investing in branded BOSCH Disc-Brake makes the most sense.

When should the disc brakes be replaced?

The best thing to do is always to get your brakes examined by a professional every six months. However, if you feel as though the brakes are not responsive despite having enough oil in the reserve and new brake shoes then its time to examine the discs. Ideally, the discs shouldn’t be worn out and have a good surface. If you are not sure what to look for, then ask a mechanic to take a look. Only a mechanic can advise when to change the discs which usually needs to be done in pairs. Buying replacement disc brakes will require matching the part numbers which is very easy with brands like BOSCH since all parts for all brands usually have a different sequence of numbers and alphabets.

Buy brakes from a brand you can trust

At we have been selling branded brake parts in the UK for a very long time. We highly recommend top brands like BOSCH Disc-Brake since they guarantee reliability and every part comes backed by a warranty. Buy brake parts for your car today from