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//  LIFT-O-MAT®, Gas Spring, Ashtray Lid
// LIFT-O-MAT®, Gas Spring, Ashtray Lid
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Ashtrays in Cars

Most vehicles have an ashtray built into the dashboard or the centre console of the car that allows for the disposal of cigarette butts or, if you are not a smoker, it can be used as a storage compartment for coins and other odds and ends. Over time the ashtray in a vehicle can break and then a replacement will need to be sourced online and fitted to the car. Ashtrays are traditionally made out of heat-resistant plastic, as they need to be able to withstand the heat of the cigarettes being extinguished in them. This heat-resistant plastic is made to withstand extreme temperatures.

Ashtrays are Great Accessories

It is always handy to have an ashtray in a vehicle and, though these accessories are resilient and robust in their design, they can break or crack. Sometimes, the ashtray rails that it slides in and out off can break and these will need to be included in the purchase of the new ashtray. Fitting the new component to the car is usually very easy if the brackets that hold the ashtray in place do not need to be changed. If these brackets do need to be changed, a technician might need to fit the new part for you.

How to Purchase an Ashtray Online

Purchasing the new component for your car is as easy as inputting the year, model and make of the car into the online fields provided, and selecting the correct part from the list. Once the correct part has been selected, inputting the delivery address will ensure the part is delivered to that address within a few days. Keeping the interior of your car looking its best by replacing broken parts can be done online from the comfort of your own home.