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Why is Anti-freeze so important?

Anti-freeze is without a doubt one of the most important additives for cars in the UK especially since temperatures can reach below freezing. The job of this additive is to lower the freezing point of liquids like water while increasing its boiling point. By adding it to coolant and water alike, it ensures that the liquids will not freeze which is imperative especially in cars that are standing around for a long time. Naturally, as a liquid freezes it expands and can cause extensive damage not just to the radiator but various related parts. The good news is that it only costs a few pounds and saves you hundreds.

When should you add it to your radiator?

In the vast majority of vehicles that operate in the UK, the best time to top up on your Anti-freeze is in November. Obviously, the sooner you do this, the better. That said you first need to make sure that the coolant does not already have the additive added. Most coolants already have that which means you’ll not need to top it up. Though as a secondary measure you can change the coolant as part of your fall maintenance schedule.

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