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Alternators: The Essential Lifeblood of your Vehicle

The alternator in your automobile is a crucial component, which works as an electrical generator to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy to keep your engine running. It also keeps your battery charged and supplies power to various other parts of cars, such as the headlights and windscreen wipers. When this simple component stops working correctly, warning signs will immediately become evident, after which the engine will inevitably stop working altogether. For this reason it is important to ensure that your car’s alternator and battery are well maintained and working at maximum efficiency.

Spotting Warning Signs of a Failing Alternator

A tell-tale sign of failure or incorrect functioning, is through the flickering or dimming of your vehicle’s headlights, the ‘battery’ warning light on your dashboard illuminating, or other similar anomalies. It is often assumed that these are signs of a failing battery, but it may also be that the fault lies in the alternator. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should immediately arrangement to visit an automotive outlet, as it will not be long before your car’s battery is no longer capable of powering the engine.

Replacing Alternators

Although alternators can be considered costly and a hassle to replace, it is generally a simple procedure and can be completed in minimal time, depending on the vehicle brand and make. Many savvy owners of cars choose to replace their own, and do the task quickly and easily. Importantly, if you choose to do your own automotive maintenance, be sure to diagnose the problem correctly, as the symptoms of a failing alternator can sometimes be difficult to diagnose and may be confused with battery issues. Also be sure that for older cars, or an engine of an older model, any parts be ordered in advance from a reputable automotive supplier, so as to avoid time without a working means of transport.