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What is a locking knob?

Most people may be using a locking knob on their vehicle without even knowing it. A locking knob as the name suggests is a long, cylindrical, often plastic mechanism which pops up when the car's door is unlocked. It is mostly located near the window pane, above the door handle. The most common problem with the knob is that it can break. Many times the knob will get stuck in which case it has to be replaced. However, a stuck or hard knob is often an indication of something else that's wrong with the door's mechanism which is why it's always good to get the door checked by a professional.

How to replace a locking knob?

In most cases replacing the locking knob will require that you take off the door assembly and unhook the knob. In some vehicles, it can be harder than others. Take for instance that replacing the locking knob of a Honda Civic is a lot easier than a Mercedes because that's just the way it has been built. However, if you find that replacing the knob is challenging always visit a professional who will have the right tools and skills to replace it effortlessly.

Buying a locking knob

Buying a knob can be confusing at first, but the first step is to make sure that it's the right knob for your vehicle. Take note of the shape and the design of the knob. Then browse our website for the right one. We currently sell knobs by some well-known aftermarket brands such as Febi Belstein, Vaico, and ULO. So, you can be assured of buying a quality part. However, if you still need assistance choosing the right knob do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email or over the phone.