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Vintage car tyres from Waymaster Tyres

Looking for tyres for classic cars? At, we sport a huge collection of tyres for classic cars. We have shoes for cars that go as back as 1920s that help replenish their glorious days. And when it comes to classic car tyres, Waymaster tyres are right up there at the top. These tyres for vintage cars come in various sizes with diameter in the range of 685 mm and section width of 146 mm. These cross ply tyres are ideal for load bearing capacity of 400 kg, something the classic cars are known for. At, we know what it means to cherish your old car. We are here to make sure you always sport the right set of tyres for your vintage car.

Waymaster old car tyres – Built with modernism

Vintage cars may be old, but they demand new set of tyres to keep them chugging. Whether it’s a Jaguar or Mercedes-Benz, our tyre range satisfies even the most discerning buyers. Made using the latest techniques, all the cross ply tyres sport newest rubber compounds. Just search as per the rim size or car model. Steel wheels and tyres of old cars have to be matched right. Mostly, these cars sport tyre sizes that are not mass produced today. So, a custom size fits them just right. And at, you will have so many Waymaster custom tyre options for classic cars at budget prices.