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Star Performer tyres – the new rage

Star Performer is an up-and-coming brand that is used recently as a “budget brand.” The Star Performer tyres are known mostly for their durability and effectiveness. This is all due to advanced computer simulations that are not only performance-effective, but also enable high safety levels. Star Performer’s main focus was to create tyres that are durable enough to perform on any type of road. The designers of Star Performer use a variety of tread patterns to offer different types of performance – regardless if it is for summer or winter use. Proper traction is essential, which is why the company uses many innovative techniques to improve its quality.

Star Performer tyres – The affordable road companion

Star Performer tyres come in different types, for different seasons. Each tyre set not only had a different tread depth, but a different rubber type to fit the season. The deeper the depth, the more appropriate they will be for winter. A set of tyres with more than 6.0 mm thread depth, can help on extreme winter roads while a 1.6 dread would be more than appropriate for summer city roads. You may find these tyres at significant discount on – all depending on the tyre depth. To be more precise, a Star Performer tyre with a remaining tread depth of 1.6 to 2.99 mm will make you eligible for a 40% discount, a tyre with 3.0 to 4.99 mm remaining tread depth is linked to a 60% discount, a 5.0-5.99 mm will get you an 80% discount, while a of depth more than 6.0 mm will allow you to receive another Star Performer tyre, free of charge. Take advantage of these discounts now!