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Sava Tyres

The slovenian company Sava is one of the biggest and successful tyre manufacturers from Central Europe, offering a wide range of tyres for cars, SUVs, trucks and light trucks. Starting with 2004, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company owns 100% of Sava stocks , contributing greatly to increase the quality of the tyres - the redesigned company logo in 2009 defines this thing very well: Sava - European Quality Tyres. Sava tyres, either summer, winter or all-season, are made following the strict quality regulations of Goodyear, providing a very good safety in winter conditions and icy roads and also a good behavior when driving on dry roads.

Sava – European Quality Tyres is offering you a wide range of Sava tyres. In the summer range tyres, we recommend the following profiles Intensa HP and Perfecta - optimized models to ensure endurance, safety and comfort. In All-season tyres we recommend the Adapto HP, this model is a practical solution for drivers who want safety in winter or summer conditions at a reasonable price. For the winter season, we recommend the Eskimo S3+, a model that offers an advanced technological design providing a comfortable ride in winter , aquaplaning resistance and good mileage or profile Eskimo HP, which belongs to the “high-performance” range, offering excellent traction and handling on snow. For car types such as Off-road/4x4 we have available Intensa SUV and Eskimo SUV, and for trucks Trenta and Trenta M+S. We offer a wide range of Sava tyres with free shipping (*for orders of 2 or more tyres). Order now online by accessing