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Sailun tyres – ‘Quality and Trust’

Sailun is a relatively new Chinese tyre manufacturer focused on producing budget, but dependable products. Established in 2001, Sailun now sells over 50 million tyres annually in more than 50 countries worldwide. This impressive result is owed to the company’s consistent efforts to gain new customers by understanding their needs. ‘Quality and Trust’ are the declared priorities of Sailun, and we would also underline the remarkable value for money you get from these products. The price-conscious customer is invited to choose from a complete range of summer, all-season, and winter tyres - all in many different sizes and suitable for anything from small city cars to SUVs and light trucks.

For every car, for any occasion, from

For those interested in reliable, inexpensive winter tyres, the Ice Blazer product line keeps the flame burning during the harsh cold season by providing good traction on snow-covered roads and low rolling resistance. If what you want is a smooth and economical driving experience, the Atrezzo family of summer tyres delivers good fuel economy and wear resistance - enhancing the advantage of very competitive pricing. For crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks, the Terramax CVR and H/T offer all-terrain, all-weather functionality and comfort. Choose whichever Sailun tyres best suit your purposes, using our intelligent search option to easily find models of the proper class and size. Enjoy the reliability of these products, as well as the low prices and excellent customer service on