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Radar tyres – pointing the way forward

The Radar brand was created in 2006 by the Singapore-based company Omni United, and has since acquired a stable marketplace presence in over 80 countries worldwide. Radar tyres are designed by in-house research and development teams, and manufactured using quality materials and advanced production systems. The company’s chief priorities include the development of high value-for-money products and environmental responsibility. Radar tyres employ silica-rich compounds for lower rolling resistance and greater fuel efficiency, as well as PAH-free oils to conform to the most demanding EU standards and regulations. The manufacturer possesses numerous quality certifications, including the European ECE and American DOT.

Focus on safety and sustainability, with Radar tyres from

Radar offers a variety of tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The Radar Rivera PRO2 is a summer performance model, and, if you need even more control, the Dimax R8 is the brand’s flagship performance tyre. The diverse Radar RPX product line includes models such as the economical and long-lasting RPX500 and RPX700, and the dynamic RPX800. The versatile RPX900 is an eco-friendly all-season touring model, and the RPX10 and RPX20 fall into the all-season performance niche, along with the Radar Verenti R6. For the cold season, also consider the Radar Centigrade RWX1 winter tyre. SUV drivers are also spoiled for choice. The Radar Renegade line includes highway-terrain, all-terrain, as well as aggressive off-road models, while more road-oriented products such as the Rivera GT10 cater for the less adventurous. Buy now online Radar tyres at incredible prices, from! To further increase the value of your purchase, shipping is absolutely free for orders of two or more tyres.