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Petlas Tyres

Petlas tyres come from Turkey. Ankara-based firm Petlas was founded in 1976 and specialises in rubber products (including dozens of different tyres) for agricultural and industrial machinery. Whether out on the field or on tarmac - Petlas tyres function well on any surface and satisfy all the usual quality requirements. Ordering them on couldn't be easier: simply choose your required tyre size and we'll show you all the available products in that category. Each tyre has an EU Tyre Label featuring its fuel efficiency and wet grip ratings (both measured from A to G, where A is best) and noise level (whereby a lower dB value indicates a quieter tyre). During the order process, you decide whether you want the tyres to be shipped to your home address or to a workshop where they'll be mounted for you. Our fitting station partners are located throughout the UK and will be happy to offer you well-priced assistance and (where available) the opportunity to store tyres that are not in use.