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Matador tyres – appreciate the value

Matador is a reputable Slovakian tyre manufacturer that exports its products to over 80 countries worldwide – chiefly to Germany, the UK, the US, and Russia. The company has a long history, beginning in 1925, and is today owned by Continental AG, one of the biggest names in the tyre manufacturing industry. Matador tyres fit the mid-range price class, and form an important component of the Continental Group strategy to compete in this highly disputed market sector. Becoming part of the Continental Group has provided Matador with the resources to develop its production capabilities and access the latest technologies, making today’s Matador tyres highly competitive in terms of quality and price. A wide range of products are being offered, including tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, trucks, and off-road tyres.

The quality you deserve, at a very reasonable price

Matador summer tyres aim to please all motorists, whatever they may be driving. The Matador MP16 Stella 2 provides security and economy for small and compact cars, the MP44 Elite 3 is a comfortable, well-balanced option for medium and large cars, and the MP46 Hectorra 2 was designed to cope with the performance of sport and luxury cars. The Matador MP52 Nordicca Basic and MP59 Nordicca are excellent options for those who need dependable winter tyres, and the MPS320 Maxilla ensures car-like comfort and control for vans. At, we have a great variety of Matador tyres is various sizes, suitable for nearly any vehicle make or model – all at unbeatable prices. Order now, and enjoy the excellent value and great customer services!