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Established in 1915 in Ohio, USA, General Tire initially specialised in replacement tyres – such as the General Jumbo model for vehicles like the Ford Model T truck, the revolutionary low-pressure Balloon Jumbo, and various other innovative designs. Over time, the company’s scope expanded and its activities diversified - becoming involved in the aerospace industry, entertainment and broadcasting, and even real estate. Eventually, in 1984, the name of the parent company became GenCorp, and the tyre division (General Tire) was divested. However, General Tire was purchased in 1987 by Continental AG, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. Today, the venerable brand once again stands for innovation and performance. With ample research and development resources and a reputation for strict quality control, General Tire is more than capable to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

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If you need outstanding winter, summer, or all-season tyres for your passenger car, SUV, or van, visit and choose from a wide variety of General products. For compact and medium-sized cars, the Altimax Sport and Altimax Comfort summer tyres provide excellent grip and low rolling resistance, while the Altimax Nordic, Altimax Arctic, and Altimax Winter Plus winter tyres ensure good traction and control in difficult wintery conditions. For SUV owners and off-roading enthusiasts, the Grabber product line features a variety of models – all-terrain and highway-terrain tyres, tyres for gravel and moderate off-roading, for difficult terrain, and the Snow Grabber for winter 4x4 applications. Van drivers will certainly appreciate the qualities of the excellent Eurovan 2 and Eurovan Winter, as well as the excellent prices on