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Vanhawk Winter M+S marking

Vanhawk Winter M+S marking

Roll resistance F Wet grip C Noise emissions 2 73.0 dB
R: up to 170km/h
Winter tyresWinter tyres
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Vanhawk Winter M+S marking

The new Firestone Vanhawk Winter tyre has been designed to provide more competitive performance in snowy continental winter conditions than the CVW3000 it replaces.

Durability is ensured by the Group’s LCV construction technology, with tuned pressure distribution across the contact patch. Carcass durability is enhanced by two body plies and reinforcement in the bead area. The cap and base construction lowers heat build-up, giving the tyre higher speed potential. Available in 12 sizes, 14” to 16”, 65 to 82 aspect ratios.

Tyre Winter tyresWinter tyres
Speed Index R: up to 170km/h
Load index 112/110
Tire dimensions: 225/70-15
EU tyre label

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