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Federal tyres

Federal is a Taiwanese tyre manufacturer. Especially when it comes to wide tyres, an exceptional range of car tyres is on offer. Besides best performance, Federal tyres convince with their outstanding visual appeal. Whether it is for fast and sporty drives on roadways or long off-road tours, Federal has a fitting tyre for all demands.

Federal tyres’ cornering behaviour

Among the performance features of Federal tyres have outstanding grip on both wet and dry roads and excellent cornering behaviour. Thanks to the improved rubber compound, the rolling noise was again significantly reduced. Federal tyres also offer very high driving comfort at high speed. Additionally, low and even wear enables great mileage and consistently good quality.

Federal tyres put to the test

In multiple tests, Federal tyres put forward good results. Federal tyres have been attested perfect grip on asphalt and concrete as well as very good grip on loose surfaces. Furthermore, the very favourable price-performance ratio and the high wear resistance have been winning positive evaluation.