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Barum tyres

Czech tyre manufacturer Barum belongs to the well-known Continental group. Thanks to technology transfer with Continental, Barum can offer high quality tyres at an especially affordable price-performance ratio. Their range includes summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Through on-going development, Barum consistently manages to further improve the tyres’ outstanding features. Recently, the tread compound and tread pattern were optimised for example. As a result, Barum tyres show good water dispersion which enables top driving behaviour and a very high level of safety when avoiding aquaplaning. This is also how the company succeeded in reducing the latest Barum tyres’ braking distance significantly.

Barum tyres – especially well-rounded

In various tests, Barum tyres were evaluated as being especially well-balanced as they show safe driving behaviour in all safety-relevant situations. When it comes to efficiency, Barum has lots to offer: The unique rubber compound ensures low rolling resistance and enables a fuel efficient way of driving. In addition, Barum tyres convince with high mileage potential and good quality.