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Buy ALTURA Tyres

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Altura tyres – durable industrial and agricultural tyres

Altura is a specialist brand belonging to CEAT Limited, a major Indian tyre manufacturer. With facilities in India and Sri Lanka employing 6000 workers, CEAT produces tyres for most types of wheeled vehicles, and exports them to over 115 countries worldwide. The Altura brand specialises in industrial, commercial, and agricultural tyres, and its models cover an extremely broad range of specialist vehicles.

Affordable tyres, ready for hard work

Our online shop provides a large selection of Altura tyres for specialist vehicles – tractors and agricultural machines, forestry vehicles, earthmovers, mining vehicles, industrial and construction machinery, trucks and buses, as well as off-the–road tyres for any general-purpose application. The numerous types, models, and sizes of Altura tyres are available on at unbeatable prices. We can accommodate both small and large scale orders with ease, and our efficient delivery system allows you to have the products you need, when you need them – saving you both unnecessary delays and precious storage space. Whether you need reliable tyres for your farm tractor or trailer, forklift, earthmover, or compactor, whether you need rugged off-the-road tyres or flotation tyres, provides both diversity and high value for money. Order now two or more Altura tyres from our online shop, and we will readily deliver them to the location of your choice, free of charge! Learn more about what we have to offer by visiting us regularly, and you will never miss an excellent offer.