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Achilles tyres

With know-how and advanced technical assistance from top tyre manufacturers Continental and Pirelli, the Indonesia-based company Multistrada – trading since 1991 under the Achilles brand – have seriously improved their product technology. Customers soon took notice, and Achilles sales have multiplied over the past decade. Nowadays, the tyre industry recognizes Achilles as a serious brand, offering an extensive range of products including passenger car, off road, and commercial tyres.

Comfort and durability at unbeatable prices

The various models of summer, winter, and all-season tyres from Achilles are available in our online shop. They come in many different types and sizes, for most makes and models. Therefore, whether you drive a supermini, a MPV, or a SUV, you can definetly find the product that best suits your needs. Have a look, and you will easily spot the benefits of Achilles’ EcoSafe technology; it is not only environmentally friendly, but just as friendly to your wallet. It reduces rolling resistance, while still enabling your tyres to maintain adequate grip on the road. The EcoSafe compound allows your tyres to roll along while dissipating less energy, therefore reducing your vehicle's fuel consumption – while also adding miles to the service life of your tyres. Learn more about our advantageous customer service policy, and secure the best deals at unbeatable prices, on