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Disposing of used car oils

According to the laws governing the disposal of hazardous waste in the UK, engine oils, chemicals, batteries, pesticides and solvents need to be disposed of in the correct manner to allevate the contamination of the environment. Used engine oils, if discarded of incorrectly, can contaminate ground water and soil, rendering it unusable for drinking or growing crops. If the required disposal techniques are used, this pollution of our enviroment will be circumvented. If you are unsure about how to dispose of your old engine oils then simply get hold of the necessary authorities in your area and they will inform you of the relevant sites where you can drop off used car oils for recycling.

Let’s get rid of old oil

Disposing of waste engine oil into sewer systems contaminates large bodies of water and land, so using one of the designated oil disposal sites is the right thing to do. Getting rid of old engine oils correctly is as easy as going online and punching in your UK postal code to find the closest disposal site in your area. There are many waste disposal sites in the UK which have the facilities to accept hazardous waste. The Oil Care Campaign in the UK was set up by the Environmental Agency, in association with SEPA in Scotland and the Environment and Heritage Service in Ireland.

Car oil waste management

Disposing of the old oils from cars need not be a difficult task. By adhering to the easy laws that govern the disposal of this oil you will be ensuring that the world that we live in remains cleaner. Even a single litre of old car oil needs to be disposed of in the correct manner. Locate the oil disposal dropoff point in your area, deliver your dirty car oil with a smile, and ensure that your environment stays healthy.