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Why should you invest in RUD snow chains?

One of the prime reasons why people choose to use RUD snow chains is because of its reputation for being extremely durable. These chains have over the years been successfully used on just about every type of tire ranging from trucks to small SUVs. It has proven to provide excellent traction in some of the most slippery conditions experienced in the UK and across Europe making them the default choice for many buyers. Most buyers overlook the slightly higher price commanded by the brand since it offers unsurpassed durability.

When should snow chains be used?

Now, this can be a very subjective question to answer. There isn’t a specific figure or index that can point to as being the right time or condition for snow chains. Though generally speaking if you see that the snow has become icy and slippery you’ll want to install snow chains on the tires to prevent slippage. The ice usually takes on a glassy appearance indicating that it will cause your tires to lose traction. The good news is that snow chains by companies like RUD can provide the required traction which makes your vehicle relatively safe to drive. Though you should always inspect snow chains for defects and other imperfections before installing them.

We sell all types of snow chains sells dozens of various types of snow chains from well-known brands in the industry. RUD is just one of the many names that we’ve partnered with to offer our buyers a more extensive selection of parts. All snow chains we sell are backed by warranty so you can trust that they will last you a long time regardless of the brand. Plus, we also help you save money on shipping when buying items from