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History of Ottinger snow chains

Ottinger Schneeketten is the company with more than 50 years of experience in the production of snow –chains for all types of vehicles. The Ottinger Company was started in 1965 by George Ottinger. The Ottinger Snow chains produced by the company are available in all the snow regions in the world. Sales outlets and authorized dealers are present in about 36 countries. The chain systems from the company come with high-quality and allow easy and quick installation. The products go through the quality test at the modern facilities to ensure wear resistance and toughness.

Use of Ottinger snow chain

The snow chains are fitted to the vehicle tyres in regions experiencing snow to provide the required traction to drive safely through ice or snow. Using snow-chains mat reduces the speed of the vehicle, but help in increasing the traction and braking on ice or snow-covered surfaces. Ottinger snow chains are sold in pairs and you need to purchase the chains that match with the tire size of your vehicle. Driving the vehicles fast in the snow-chains on or driving without properly securing the chains may result in failure of the chains. There are different types of chains with different ride smoothness, durability, traction, travel speed, ease of installation and cost available from online dealers. Ottinger snow chains comply with the operational requirements and offer quality assurance. The 5-year guarantee on products with kilometer restrictions is a great advantage for the user. The products are tested and awarded top rating by TÜV, Dekra, ÖNORM, and CE. The chains from Ottinger offer simple and fast installation. They also offer maximum safety for all types of vehicles. You can also get customized products from Ottinger.

Ottinger snow chain products

The snow chain products from Ottinger for cars include Ringkette, ProfimitFS, O TEC, Maxi GS., Selfy, and Spike. The products for light trucks and 4X4 vehicles include O TEC4x4, Easy 4X$, Profi, Marathon etc. Trucks and buses can go for Speedspur, marathon, Leiterketten, Profi etc. You can also find Ottinger winter profiteering chain which includes ring snow chain, spike, mounting gloves, Yeti and Mounting lamp to make your winter travel safe and easy. You can purchase the Ottinger snow chain products of your choice easily from